Missy Elliot 2001 ‘MISS E… SO ADDICTIVE’ CD Showcase

‘Miss E… So Addictive’ is the third studio album from rapper Missy Elliot. It was released on May 15th, 2001. The album included features from Tweet, Method Man and Redman, Timbaland, and Even to name a few. What was your favorite song from ‘Miss E… So Addictive’?

Official Track Listing
1. “…So Addictive (Intro)” (featuring Tweet)
2. “Dog in Heat” (featuring Method Man & Redman)
3. “One Minute Man” (featuring Ludacris)
4. “Lick Shots” Timbaland, Elliott (co-producer)
5. “Get Ur Freak On” Timbaland, Elliott (co-producer)
6. “Scream a.k.a. Itchin'” (featuring Timbaland)
7. “Old School Joint”
8. “Take Away” (featuring Ginuwine & Kameelah Williams of 702)
9. “4 My People” (featuring Eve)
10. “Bus-a-Bus (Interlude)” (featuring Busta Rhymes)
11. “Whatcha Gon’ Do” (featuring Timbaland)
12. “Step Off”
13. “X-Tasy”
14. “Slap! Slap! Slap!” (featuring Da Brat & Ms. Jade)
15. “I’ve Changed (Interlude)” (featuring Lil Mo)
16. “One Minute Man” (Remix) (featuring Jay-Z)